Monday, September 7, 2009


with a dire weakness for red velvet curtained stages, i found myself in heaven on the weekend when two of my favourite peeps [coin-operated claire & dashingly pencil moustache'd troy] lured me out of the corner shop to a vaudeville party for owen's 30th birthday party in the hip inner west mecca of marrickville. i took a couple of germans [felix & michael fresh off the plane] along with me for props as we were fresh out of afghan hounds. they really did complement my outfit perfectly.

not only was there a stage, but an extraordinarily cool bar with well-turned tenders who never stopped burning the midnight oil well into the early hours under low slung ladder lights & an eclectic smorgasboard of drinks ranging from mojitos to cosmopolitans on tap throughout the evening as various performers ran amok & entertained the well heeled carnivale crowd.

highlights have to be lyrical eco terrorists the lurkers who really know how to work a socio-political vocal set with double bass AND multiple sizes of banjo... ZOMG! zoe & miriam rapping it out with cityrail and last but not least the scientific experiment where josh & the ever shimmering miriam successfully demonstrated something about wearing a nappy whilst upside down drinking shots... excellent eye candy. who needs to drink wine through a straw when you can just stand on your head? this may just be my new default drinking pose...

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