Saturday, September 12, 2009

have dogtag, will SUFF [© @shoes_off]

thursday night. factory theatre. the third sydney underground film festival kicked off with the bang of a free bar & an incredible opening political prankster-saluting feature film [yes men fix the world] supported by tres cool industrial short pochsy & western spaghetti mash-up cattle call.

the pink flamingos & a handful of punk monks [including our new wonderful newly recruited german paparazzi] ran amok amongst the diverse crowd of subversive dogtagged filmmakers & lovers everywhere whilst the endless pizza & wine corks popped.

punk monk propaganda tribe have three short films playing which are the happy result of some collaborative KINO fun:

the sleeper [AUS] - kate taylor [sunday 18:30]
salome's picnic [GER] - victoria waghorn [saturday 18:30]
chick addict [AUS] - victoria waghorn [saturday 18:30]

come see us & support no-frills independent cinema. if not in the theatre we'll undoubtedly be at the bar pimping our wares & excitedly clutching our scratch 'n' sniff card for john waters' delightfully tasteless trangressive cult classic, pink flamingos which screens tonight at 20:30. eggs, eggs, EGGS!!!

[pix by punk monk felix pflieger]

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