Monday, September 21, 2009

liquid light show launch

friday evening last. the hopetoun. kate & alex bring the wonder of the punk monk propaganda psychochemical experience as first experienced at their curated ALGAE RHYTHM 0:02 in the final days of the warehouse.

the first of many future collaborations with sydney band, hailer & the launch of the liquid light show event calendar outside of the confines of our own studio run walls... needless to say it was a huge alchemic success.

fellow punk monks; clare, felix & michael were there to soak up the iridescent matmos & record the experience for all posterity long after i disappeared into the night.

pix by punk monk, michael prechtl.


  1. They look stunning Kate. Kudos! (DrewMA)

  2. Kate - as a textile junkie - I need your lights on fabric! We get some very similar effects by putting a fabric drop mat under freshly dyed fabrics. The 'drippings' go like this and are fiercely fought over!
    Marina :)

  3. Thanks Drew! It was a fun night, Alex and I both worked out some groovy new moves.

  4. and rina- by our powers combined, you say? ;)

    i could show you how we get that effect and then you could translate using fabric dye. I'm sure clare and alex would be into the idea too, they've become quite the tie dye afficinados of late.

  5. I recently saw an 'over head projector' for sale at a market and I was wondering what they could be used for these days. And there it is! Looks great!