Tuesday, September 8, 2009

flying kites batman!

through harnessing the power of core elemental sea components: water & wind, emerges the latest extreme water sport craze --> kitesurfing. a hybrid union of kite flying & surfing this recreation is wildly tempting & insanely beautiful to watch. kites are magic, no?

once the speed gets up kitesurfers nail waves as they skim over them edging expertly like amphetamine-fuelled skimmers putting wouldbe jetskiers to shame for their wasteful pollution, inefficient utilisation of energy & complete lack of wake-style poise. speeds can reach up to 50 knots...

whilst out watching these guys boost up amongst the burgeoning spray on the weekend, i was treated to some serious air generating manouevres not unlike watching a burton rider pulling a hardcore jump on a board across the snow filled planes. KAPOW! except these water-bound guys are exactly not that. obviously with the right skillbase airtime can be totally maximised -- one can ostensibly fly... maybe indefinitely. the only thing their feet are attached to are a small kiteboard & the wind beneath their inflatable wings.

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