Wednesday, September 9, 2009

initiation right?

the germans are no longer coming. they're here.

our wonderful cine interns felix & michael have arrived fresh off the plane from bayern, deutschland or bavaria, germany for the uninitiated. which will be those who weren't here on monday night, when we had our regular family tribe dinner at the corner shop, punk monk propaganda's home base.

they're hoping to survive sydneyside for seven months & have already managed to live for almost five days meat-free. so many layers of chaos ridden culture shock they're having to endure already.

first we made them cook for fifeen of us. the gimpish servitude starts here. do not pass go. do not collect 200 euros [btw. the flammkuchen, sauerkraut & kartoffelpuffer were delicious, as was marianne's apple cake].

cases upon cases of bitburger later, some jägermeister & whatever remants of bottles of red wine could be found on the premises where what was left of us concocted some lame-ass alcohol infused intiation rite based on the drinking of blood from the magic chalice [which we sourced from raen -- see bottom pic].

no wonder the photos are blurry.

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