Wednesday, September 16, 2009

palm sunday

...for christians celebrates the triumphal entry of jesus christ into jerusalem the week before his apparent death & resurrection. his passion [thanks to mel gibson for making this concept painfully but pleasurably accessible to non-catholic disciples like myself].

recorded in the canonical gospels mark 11:1-11, matthew 21:1-11, luke 19:28-44, and john 12:12-19 all accounts describe the crossing of the jesus path with palms branches as he entered the city.

as a non-christian but an avid student of world religion & philosophy, palm sunday means something altogether different to me.

unrestricted to the easter cusp, my religious experience comes in varietal twilight shades as the magic hour melts into high contrasting shadows of night soothed by ambient sounds of the soft seatide as it laps onto seagull silhouette'd sand. the sun hypnotically pulses bleeding light into the horizon. day in, day out. yet another version of the golden gate.

palm beach. sunday.

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