Wednesday, February 29, 2012

silhouette film slices [part iii]

part of a series of punk monk propaganda stop motion films conceived by emma sanderson & myself for mischievous sex pop trio, fun machine. executed with a handful of similarly mad & talented punk monks, we handmade five of these suckers in seven days.

toxic: the very first of the hedonistic stop motion wave. this is where we cut our sharp teeth. a little more raw & crude than most of the series as we picked up the pace & skills along the way. we're still very fond of it, the song & band [of course].we LOVE LOVE LOVE the menstruation river, scarlet canal & dancing toxic tampon imagery... and no, you can't turn them into pearls girls.

this one by myself with emma sanderson, ky-lee menzies & craig bunker [bunkwaa].

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DINO WARS - the inception

original DINO WARS poster by konsumterra

not long ago i sat in the rabbit warren of lucid dreams with three favourite others amongst fat vinyl beats which spun sporadically behind us peppering the ebb & flow of chilled conversation through clouds of alician caterpillar smoke. this is the house which introduced sun ra & space is the place into my life. a happy debt. 

photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS

somehow the exploratory tangent went to dinosaurs which it often does in the zeitgeist our collective toes are semi-permanently dipped into, for it is one of our playgrounds. we of the JL set.

it was the dubmeister who reverently spoke of remote-controlled dinosaurs in a voice which engaged us all as the eight year old sparkled through his eyes. 

photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS

instead of entering the junk-bin of amusing ideas which are long since forgotten as the burning frequency is passed back on, i entertained the prospect of a world, an alternate reality where satire, sport, theatre, art & erotica met. a place which embraced all inner children in a shamelessly trash environment... 

photo: c/- brisbane times

cue DINO WARS. DINO WARS is the latest punk monk propaganda project which we launched recently for the 2012 summer season at jurassic lounge

jurassic lounge is a wonderful night which encompasses a plethora of art/music based evening activities giving the australian museum additional demographic reach & providing restless hipsters something to do in sydney's CBD on a tuesday night. 

as we gather momentum, the DINO WARS pieces of the jigsaw puzzle organically come together to form a hallowed vision of an alternative universe. the crowd-sourced concept slowly but surely forms, taking a shape of its own. 

with the combined forces & rainbow spectrum skillbase of the talented & resourceful punk monk tribe, real shiz is starting to happen. and we're just getting the fun-filled meteor rolling.

photos: fiona grace mcdonald & matheus mytka for DINO WARS

while still in our infancy there's something for everyone. existing puzzle pieces are bunkwaa's DINOTASIA; live crowd-sourced claymation, the drip-fed introduction of character-driven jelly wrestling collectible pin-ups & UV realms where dinosaur championing humans battle, live freeform paleolithic pop mixes, a carnie extravaganza of nerf-gun toting UV babes & twisted DINO masters with more activities & live art planned for peeps to earn DINO DOLLARS which can then subsequently be spent... visceral candy beyond the binaural sphere.

very soon the remote-controlled dinosaurs & their UV zealots will come out to play...

photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS
[andros battle shells for DINO WARS]

without letting the velociraptor completely out of the bag, our tireless DINO WARS tribe funded by DINO DOLLARS are planning on being much more than a short-lived banana republic & hope that the second coming of extinction coupled with the demise of our currency is still a long way off. raptor jesus was due for an upgrade anyway.

if you want to know more or want to be a part of it come "like" us on facebook & follow us down the glowing tyrannosaurus hole. the bunny has long since been consumed.

          photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS

where: JURASSIC LOUNGE 2012 SUMMER SEASON, AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM -behind the dead stuffed things lvl 2, who's calling who extinct?
when: MAR 06 // MAR 20 // APR 03

Saturday, February 25, 2012

silhouette film slice [part ii]

the above clip is part of a series of stop motion films conceived by emma sanderson & myself for wonderfully mischievous sex pop band, fun machine. executed with a handful of similarly mad & talented punk monks, we made five of these suckers in seven days.

this one by dave cheng with ky-lee menzies & me. by the far the more sophisticated of the group, ah te was the very last of the series as we went over deadline kicking, screaming and almost falling apart at the seams. by which time we'd really sharpened our claws with davey raising the bar just that little bit further.

haiku: freshly chilled cider rocks

bar stool siren her
fieriness lured me onto
freshly chilled cider rocks

haiku: blew my mind awake

just a few shared words
last night, in a crowded bar
blew my mind awake

Friday, February 24, 2012

silhouette film slices [part i]

look what us punk monks made for our beloved band, fun machine

part of a series of stop motion films conceived by emma sanderson & myself. executed with a handful of similarly mad & talented punk monks, we made five of these suckers in seven days. 

graff on, graff off

in the beginning there was a pole. outside the corner shop. punk monk propaganda's HQ. our hive, the hub of all things punk monk. 

it was a happy bunkwaa pole. for a time. the sticker gradually changed & generated a rainbow of faded hues from being kissed by the sun over & over again as it surrendered its punk pinkness to the street.

then the graffiti removalists came... [again]

and cleaned up the streets... 

until the beautification pixies come back out to play once more. they surround us & see all.

Friday, February 3, 2012

a dream come true for the CIA...

mark zuckerberg as CIA overlord. 
too funny. too real.

fat pavlova

xmas day 2011. raen & i prepare an epic 10 person pavlova in the bush, far off the grid where prying eyes may not witness our gluttony. we pile atop it as much fruit as we have managed to procure. these are a few of our favourite things...

then we carry it to the creek. and eat it all. just the two of us. guilt free. for a moment we don't consider the third world or universal hunger at all buying into the luxury of our first world privilege. then we rainbow vom. drink. sleep. and eat some more.

we call it mother/daughter bonding.

business time

one positive aspect of singledom is that i can truly enjoy this. from a distance.