Wednesday, August 24, 2011

psilocybe cubensaurus

the weekend comes! time to explore the farthest reaches of nearby bush paddocks & claymate dinosaur wars. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the sick rose

O rose, thou art sick!
    The invisible worm,
That flies in the night,
    In the howling storm,
Has found out thy bed
    Of crimson joy,
And his dark secret love
    Does thy life destroy

- William Blake

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hello darkness my old friend...

fool, said I, you do not know, 
silence, like a cancer, grows
hear my words and I might teach you, 

take my arms then I might reach you
but my words, like silent raindrops fell, 

and echoed in the wells of silence

get rhythm when you get the blues

my kind of music mash-up philosophy...

Monday, August 15, 2011

this is love - no hoax

i can't believe life's so complex
when i just wanna' sit here and watch you undress

this is love that i'm feeling 
does it have to be a life full of dread? 
i wanna' chase you round the table, i wanna' touch your head 
this is love that i'm feeling 

i can't believe that the axis turns on suffering 
when you taste so good 
i can't believe that the axis turns on suffering 
while my head burns 
this is love that i'm feeling 
even in the summer, even in the spring 
you can never get too much of a wonderful thing

you're the only story that i never told 
you're my dirty little secret, wanna' keep you so 
come on out, come on over, help me forget 
keep the walls from falling on me, tumbling in
- this is love that I'm feeling 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

haiku: never stupid world wake

tall poppy syndrome
no deterrent, rust sleeps
never stupid world wake.

Friday, August 12, 2011

haiku: my secret garden

my secret garden
hidden walls of subterfuge
flower quite contrary

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

walk don't run

power to the people

following the trail of whiskers

...on my laptop the day after leads to illustrated & written bytes of a stream of consciousness narrative generated & projected live at jurassic lounge last night by punk monk propaganda with the people. 

because we were next to the karaoke station we got to draw & dance simultaneously too! way too much fun.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

haiku: mania looms lost

mania looms lost
sardines hide pulling up chairs
vying for best view

hoochie coochie man

haiku: poster walk by you

renaissance annunciation: stephan lochner [1410-51]

poster walk by you 
said the ancient image of
your girlfriend. not ex.

Monday, August 8, 2011

dinosaurs 'R' us - a [r]evolutionary reimagining

a peek at the behind the scenes process + chaotic source book of inspiration:

i'm working on a new project for punk monk propaganda right now to be unveiled tomorrow night at jurassic lounge. a stop motion episodic tale of earth, evolution, religion, consumerism, oh and dinosaurs. 

it's an ongoing collaboration between myself & and the incredibly talented & bodacious craig bunker AKA bunkwaa. AWOL monk meets bunkwaa. again. we've been hanging out together a bit of late. naturally we're way behind schedule which completely normalises things. i'm not sure who is worse. it's a tough call.

it didn't help that my car set on fire as we drove through newtown in search of art supplies & food to sustain us on our epic journey yesterday. we're pretty pissed off that we left the corner shop studio practically naked. ie. no cameras or phones. in this obsessive social media age that means it did not happen.

this faux pax will not be repeated. yesterday was a minefield of missed film opportunities. so last night i grafted my DSLR directly into my torso fused with chocolate mousse & marscapone, so now my entire life can be captured through a 50mm lens lomo style. shooting through skin is a bit like using vaseline. a 1980s soft porn karaoke clip. 

in the meantime the car lies abandoned somewhere off king street with a note attached to her windscreen. when i rescue her later today to be towed to the mechanic belated pics will be taken. not nearly as impressive as flames & clouds of black smoke snapping & billowing furiously & would be rescuers and small town heroes however. it's all rather anti-climactic. 

thank you bianca who heroicly jumped back in the car which no longer turned off as the flames melted all the wires, stalled the car, wielded a screwdriver rather aptly, the guy from the poster shop who convinced us to get out of the car prior as stupified we listened to the car continue to flame with engine continue to run after it had been turned off [hello steven king], and called the police [bunkwaa didn't have the number for ghostbusters], not to mention the unnamed girl from the cafe who provided the screwdriver & helped push us past the townie in the hub of sunday pseudo summer traffic... aah, good times.

after that we had to drink. and buy trash magazines. shaken nerves demanded soothing. the promise of a bloody mary offered the only restorative respite i could identify in the thought bubble which jutted out out my head. bunkwaa was not wont to disagree as we pored over images of mirada kerr & homegirl picture porn [a quality publication]. BTW. it was great bumping into the roller derby chick [hello kila newtown #12kN] i'd been bonding with the night before at the newsagent with a wad of cheap ass pulp under my arm & picture magazine on the top of the pile. classy. 

all part of our crazed misadventure. and ultimately provided additional inspiration in our creative process. um, at the bar slash bars. it all seems such a blur now.

and now we work... or try to stymied by a series of bad CS5 cracks. serenaded by strauss's blue danube. later to be joined by the rest of the punk monk tribe. one glorious hive-mind.

i love mondays.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ben frost gives head

photo copyright: simon lovelace @zeropoint2

at least that's what i heard. call 0401 027 314.

Friday, August 5, 2011

NZ sucks NWO cock

there's just no polite way to say it unfortunately.

a history of national pride based on a stalwart nuclear free heritage & fierce independence in the face of american pressure over the ANZUS treaty for over three decades to practically overnight embrace contortionism, bend over & simultaneously suck at the knees of the united states, figurehead of the one world government. oh new zealand, i feel your shame.

 photo copyright: greenpeace

just before 53 minutes into the white house briefing below, prior to NZ prime minister, john key's recent meeting with barack obama, the question is raised "whether it's time to end the archaic dispute with new zealand & welcome them back into the ANZUS alliance".

as iconic game show host selwyn toogood said: "the money or the bag?" looks like it's truly in the bag. the rest is paint by numbers. follow the accursed money trail.

amazing what a couple of earthquakes can do. hello HAARP.
 photo copyright: hot wookie

or an errant fundamentalist christian in oslo... or a pair of toppled towers. a litany of lies & brutal blackmail. a subversive international campaign of terror. the war on terror conducted by none other than the harbingers of. a self-fulfilling prophecy of colluded funds into a black ops hole budget [14.5 US trillion dollars national debt & counting], with increased limitations of public recourse. what free speech?

 photo copyright: bollycurry

smiling assassin, key said in his meeting with obama, "if the situation in norway is an act of global terrorism it shows that no country big or small can fail to learn from that risk which is why new zealand plays its part in afghanistan as we try to join others like the united states to make the world a safer place."

another irrelevant war on the other side of the planet. a fait accompli of money-bending distraction, while the real one is waged in our minds, through whatever consumer-held media device of choice. did mao tse tung burn all history books?

i feel so much safer already... following this trail of dollar crumbs right back into the military industrial complex bank while the common people continue to be raped, mouths wide open. inflatable dolls to be blatantly exploited, waiting to have orifices filled with more new world order cock. and swallow.

apparently there's nothing else on the menu. and we have our mortgages to think of. not to mention the next generation ipad, etc. apple is now bigger than microsoft & intel combined. what great consumers we all are. as the blind lead the blind.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

if this is me...

who the hell are you?

you introduced me to this song. sitting beside me in the car on our roadtrip you turned up the stereo playing your handcrafted mixtape & said "this is you" as i drove us, roof down 120 kms an hour into the uplifting winter breeze, hair flying. away from the city.

it's now the highest rotation track playing in the studio while i pretend to work, fastidiously analyzing lyrics, thinking about the sometime subjugation of independence when personalities come together, thinking about us. thinking about you. imagining psychotic as sexy. it is a sexy song.

you say you don't want to be you plus someone else. you want to be yourself. as if i would argue, i like you as you. surely we two don't have to be mutually exclusive.

history reveals that relationships can steal personal identity. that one must surrender independent self when fusing with another. but it's not a given. there need not be a reduction. even if egalitarianism is brushed under the carpet, the converse is equally valid.

why not embrace emotionally supportive growth & mutual betterment & inspiration FFS! our friendship, an inimitable foundation, a lifelong conversation. my bubble need not be greater than yours. in the end we're all alone. each erratically breaking the other's silence. or noise.

i come to you. as you came to me. then went. now come back. if not forever, stay awhile. perhaps we'll see out a few more incarnations together. everlasting love need not be a hypocritical sliding scale. energy does not die. it merely changes & shifts with the tide. we can be the moon together. yet polarized stars bound by gravity. read D H lawrence. fuck the religious zealots, poppy choppers & hallmark.

even hedonistic fredrich agrees. marry your best friend ie. a person who helps you become a better person through a shared higher thirst for an ideal above. when you gaze into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. don't look down. hold on...

so dearest defiantly independent nihilist, is your cup half empty or half full? bend time to refer to as yet unwritten pages within the IDTC manual & place our higher operational plane there. you will find passages which will invalidate your "there is no forever" theorem. in short there are too many possible worlds. perception is a malleable force. as are we. you & i. collective & separate.

please take this electric litmus paper test & come run amok in ├╝bermensch with me. we can laugh at the abyss together. and take turns in the lead if we can't always be side by side.

i'd like to be your psychotic girl. you need not be the lost boy.

jurassic lounge opens

...and with our coming the walls bled yellow, blue, green & red.

punk monk propaganda painted the skeleton room of the australian museum a rainbow of psychedelic colour & sound last night for the auspicious much awaited relaunch of jurassic lounge, the winter season.

as our femme alchemists: kate, christie, ky, siobhan & anna [and honorary chick tom] animated ancient ghosts to cast organic bubbling saturated hues upon faces & fluid scapes...

our special mammalian guests defender sound AKA steve & james resonated bones with the deep wakeful sounds of sun ra & sexy ass dub.

with possibly enough soulful energy stir the dead. even when this chilled out.

we're all over this season of jurassic lounge bringing our own distinct story telling ethos through experimental light meets sound, crowd-sourced art projections & episodic silhouette films where we reinvent dinosaur mythology in our collaboration with talented local music & noise artists.
jurassic lounge
australian museum

winter season: 
tuesdays aug 02-sep 20: 1730-2130