Friday, September 11, 2009

late night squid

meet bob & yumiko from north ryde, sydney. new proud grandparents of one, they headed here after a celebratory dinner with their daughter & son-in-law in avalon before packing up their fishing supplies & throwing in a late night squid sojourn up the coast a little.

bob explained to me that the prawnlike squid jig when exposed to the fluro light makes it glow underwater which thereby attracts the squid. bigger squids lie deeper beneath the surface where the smaller intevertebrates play closer to the surface.

squid are apparently quite shy by nature so a certain amount of foreplay is required in order to elicit contact. this is why casual fisher[wo]men favour jetty style habitats because the artificial light illumination actually increases the dark to light area ratio which mid traverse is likely to engage a squid attack.

this sort of behavior can incure much late night ink blotting en masse when the intrepid squid's ambush backfires. wearing white is not de rigeur on the pier tonight.

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