Monday, September 7, 2009

troubled sunrise

red sky at night; shepherds delight
red sky in the morning; shepherds warning

this was the sky i awoke to early this morning.

for an eternity, people who work with the elements of nature have used astronomy to the extent of watching clouds to determine weather patterns when the ability to read accurately was often a life & death scenario. we are left with various idioms as an inheritance from before one relied on syndicated infotainment shows & people were still encouraged to think for themselves. before environmental alienation was ubiquitous.

red morning skies are indicative of the amount of moisture in the air as the earth rotates and the low sunlight rays are broken into a full colour spectrum as the varying wave-length colours pass through the atmosphere. the more noise --> the more intense the hues.

so although the early morning air was only occasionally permeated by the the sound of distant waves crashing onto the rocks below, in the sky way up above, there was probably a lot more going on.

and it did rain today. the smokey silver powder puff clouds hanging up high nestling upon the tequila sunrise layers did not lie.

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