Friday, September 4, 2009

bad moon on the rise

today is the pisces full moon. when the freaks come out to play... the operative phrase accompanied with this astronomical phase must be: out of control. gravitational shifts which are the stuff of physical astronomy but are bandied about in dime-store divergent astrological speak undoubtedly govern more than just changing tides in large bodies of water.

as a woman by proxy, i have a long interwoven history with the lunar cycle and the ebb & tide it creates within my own body on a physical & emotional plane.

as a person with bi-polar syndrome i’ve long since learnt & respected that the full moon & mania are bosom buddies. if running with the wolves is not a viable option [not usually] certain triggers which can free the mania & let the wild woman within run amok wreaking damage must be acknowledged & appeased. at times the were pull is much stronger than others. sometimes i am not strong enough & the echoes of those manic actions live on to serve & compound the existing complexities of life, for not just me but others.

with a tradition of operating amongst the cloak & dagger duplicity of the shady night, i’ve witnessed the manifestation of this behaviour in others with severely detrimental effects. as a consequence i like to stay off the streets away from the city’s seductive blinking red lights & say no to tempting party invitations on such an evening as tonight.

the advent of modern lighting is said to have attenuated the degree of effect that the moon once had on the sleep-wake cycle which is often associated with the induction of hypomania in susceptible people. still, i’ve had a gun put against my head, experienced extreme psychosis & faced an ex-lover crazed on ice wielding a revving chainsaw in a city street as the slow fat moon hung low & bloated in the afternoon sky behind. they don’t call them/us lunatics for nothing.

in a modern urban environment surrounded by accessible excesses, alcohol or drugs of choice exaggerate this asymptomatic behaviour to giddy & dangerous heights. psychotically related crimes such as murder & arson have been shown to statistically peak in sync when the moon is fully waxed. people who work in the police and hospital care services are all too familiar with this naturally amplified occurrence.

qualitative differences in violent behaviour when the moon is full have mostly been debunked in modern scientific study. there has been numerous research on the topic & the modern cult of medicine in its continued campaign to exert dominance over magic explains that a pervading ignorance of physics & a reliance for cheap entertaining thrills for whatever end allows the perpetuation of the [mis]belief. the observance & validity of lunar phenomena relegated to the domain of cheap parlour tricks & derided mysticism.

i’m happy to embrace my superstition which the ancients depicted as a visual wheel of fortune eternally spinning in a hypnotic revolution of highs & lows. i won’t be on the streets tonight as i continue to mop up the oil spill from my last turn: no matter how much you pay me.

don't go round tonight
well, it's bound to take your life,
there's a bad moon on the rise.

[moon pic copyright who you calling a sceptic?]

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  1. use your bio-polar well, for good and not evil, for art and not chao, for sunshine and not rain. and keep on trunkin. peace.