Wednesday, September 2, 2009

blue mountains blown

last week i headed to the blue mountains on what was a tentative mushroom foraging/KINO filmmaking expedition with my two most favorite recent discoveries - canadian filmmakers: ron mann & darryl gold. we became friends while they were in town in fast furious film festival mode for possible worlds.

the best laid plans of mice and men were thrown out when we ended up dodging the consulate general and standing up tea & scones once we were halfway out of town.

like errant kids playing hooky we stole into the mountains on our slow hill-winding train & enjoyed a lazy day of food, hiking and conversation, where i inadvertantly almost violated my duty of care and killed them both [forcing a vertigo suffering ron, deep into the three sisters stair incline & feeding an allergic darryl nuts cleverly hidden in a flour-free cake]. it could have all ended so differently... *nervous smile*.

these few photos of our time in the blue mountains ironically enough are blown out blue because i'd somehow left my canon camera on a TV auto setting mode for most the day until belatedly discovered and yeah... this is the result.

we look like blue meanie magic mushrooms. quietly animated forest fungi were we. the only ones in sight that day.


  1. Darryl Gold was sighted in Sydney Australia just a week ago. He is everywhere it would appear.

  2. darryl is like an infectious virus. virtually undetectable & simultaneously everywhere.