Thursday, October 22, 2009

in lurker love

eco-terrorism & guerrilla experimental filmmaking are a match made in heaven. this friday [23.10.2009] this collusionary force can be witnessed at the red rattler when punk monk propaganda put our hat into the ring to support activist art for the album launch [shoot to the moon] & copenhagen climate change send-off for lovely local band, the lurkers.

the subversive folk trio recently provided some award nominating banjo sounds for our 48 hour film project film "hybristo honeymooners", on friday we'll all win as they come together with vox, guitar, double bass & banjo in a fine bluegrass fusion of pure uplifting satire.

in support of their cause we've curated a collection of sustainable sumptuous cinema where beauty meets dream state meets reality. our handmade punk monk and kino friends cine zine [glue still drying] outlines the thirteen films which will play tonight [starting 19:00 sharp].

punk monk lurker love cine:

into the woods - dir: dermot mcguire 04:11

siren - dir: anna slowciazek & rosie catalano 01:13

one day, this kid - dir: matt ravier 04:24

the sleeper - dir: kate taylor 05:27

recycling… save the earth! - dir: jack feldstein 00:37

happiness - dir: marianne alla 03:46

3am mosquito - dir: victoria waghorn 12:57

the adventures of catz - dir: dan simmonds 04:18

ex oblivione - dir: jack feldstein 05:05

sakura no onna - dir: stevie dunstan 04:07

chick addict - dir: victoria waghorn 02:00

sadness breakfast tea - dir: angela bishop 03:43

i look through transparent things [and i feel OK] - dir: matt ravier 04:24

get the zine in your envelope at the door with other goodies we've created just for you including a magic printed eucalyptus leaf to write your aspirations for the conference to hang on our papier-mâché wishing tree installation which will hang for the night before accompanying the lurkers to the climate change conference as a mission statement of what sydney wants to happen.

look. listen. speak. act [in chillax mode]. FTW.

[apologies for weird formatting issues - blame blogger]


  1. Things i love:

    - zine henna on my monochromatic astroturf stroking hand
    - writing on leaves
    - i get to watch sadness breakfast tea again!!

  2. Hi Vic!

    The Punk Monk Propaganda set a spectacular tone for the night. I got a lot of comments on the films and people really tuned in to them.

    Also, without PMP there I am not sure we would have get over two hundred guests. Thank you for helping make it such a success!