Thursday, October 1, 2009

perfectly on quay

if these pictures do not paint the thousands of superlatives which would embrace the quay dining experience then i may as well drown in opiate induced bliss now. buried in painkillers, it's hard to do justice to the crisp sublime poetry which is the detailed delicacy of quay. that peter gilmore is an artist of the highest order is not up for debate.

winning on crowd pleasing stakes this has to be a mandatory stopover on the sydney visitor dining circuit with perfect harbour views, edible haute couture which soothes all the senses & excite the nerves simultaneously delivered with the soft invisibility defining the perfect white table-clothed environment which juxtapose the mirrored curves beyond the glasses walls to the opera house beyond over the deep blue sea.

i'm only sorry when i burst my lunch bubble at the quay i did so not aware that i'd crushed my spine en route location scouting whilst coming off second best with an accursed tree & the experience was marred by shooting sensations up my legs and arms as my back began to scream unanswered for attention as i distractedly chowed down on my free lunch. needless to say i still finished my glistening plate of magical sea pearls before hitting up the x-ray booth...

there'll undoubtedly be a next time to savour the perfect hospitality & orgasmic food. my only gripe: as a non-meat eater i was severely shepherded by the menu & would have preferred to have more choice. what i did experience however was unquestionably divine. call me a straw divider, and while you're there please also order another of those nirvana sent desserts...


  1. Last fine dining review I read of yours you were half delirious with flu. Now medicated and spasming from a little spinal crush you still manage to make it all so divine. Does this pattern reveal you are secretly a FOOD junkie? Determined to challenge the most adept chef to lift you with food endorphins and transport you to a place without pain? Love your work Vic

  2. shucks heids. we should do lunch. soon. my opiate abuse is almost under control now... ;)