Thursday, October 15, 2009

lunar industries letdown


something about: was i the only person on the planet who didn't fall desperately in love with moon & planned to? the wedding invitations had already been sent out before i hit the cinema dammit. district 9, you remain uncontested in my mind no matter how unfashionable my view as top film dog for the year [i will wait for you]. but still we have three months to go...

i was planning on writing something intelligent immersed in devil's advocate mode about the derivative yet overall disappointing nature of moon, although on the whole the positive outweighed the negative, but then i went out for lunch today & drank...

boxes ticked:

duncan jones: incredible first feature direction. the considered exploration into what is the human condition was heroic to the max without the cheesiness of some soft drink to pimp. we won't even bring up space oddity. the minatures, the minatures... kudos bill pearson [well what do you expect when you bring in the alien model sugar daddy from hell?] and also thanks for the non-reliance on all things CGI.

sam rockwell : yes in your designer made role you shone. congratulations, you sold me. nice work with what was essentially a 100 minute monologue.

bang for buck: awesome result for 5 million USD spend. nothing short of outstanding. production value: let me cum on my own tits. BTW. that's the highest possible accolade. the studio creation of that grimy unforgiving alien yet realistically human world of physical & mental corrosion was simply monk porn.

trudy styler -- the producer? those famous family connections certainly did not hurt, and why should they?

blank boxes:

is it alien. is sam ripley? or is it an unreleased cut of 2001... love a bit of homage love but could we please have something more original? this could easily have come from the cutting room floor of kubrick's studio which is high praise indeed but in the end it reads like a single B side. yes the retro vibe is fuck off cool but it was the first time round also. if you're going to borrow could you at least add or improve? please. even if you only have 5 million dollars.

the story: i'm sorry -- i got bored. i just thought that the issues which were broached could have been dealt with in a more interesting way. i dig clones too. it's not an incessant need to supplant that with bells & whistle aliens or apes whacking obelisks but i don't know... frugal austerity is nice. like oak. i fell asleep. there i said it. the last time i did that which i recall was independence day. in my mind a far inferior film with a squillion times more budget [so it's certainly not all bad].

ultimately it was a believable mysterious cold indifferent world outside & in. the film worked especially for a flatlining vacation accompaniment. it's just that i felt i'd already seen it before. perhaps the planned epilogue will redeem phase one? perhaps jones will come back to earth.

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