Saturday, October 17, 2009

something for dermot

it made my day too.
use this as inspiration tonight.


  1. the pilot is clearly mentally unhinged... and appears to have Caps Lock issues.

  2. yes, the whole mixed case/font thing is clearly unsettling. what are they teaching at pilot school these days?

  3. they used to teach them cases but now they have the option to swap that period for scripture class.

  4. *wets pants with glee then promptly drinks it as per bible proverb 5:15: drink waters out of thine own cistern*

    do you think i have the makings of a fontographing cessna pilot?

  5. i think you may be overqualified!

  6. wha-hey!

    this just came up in my Google Alerts (yes, I have a Google Alert for my first name -- and yes, a darts player from Northern Ireland is apparently far more worthy of the spilling of digital ink than I, the big jerk, but I found it nevertheless...)

    I'm as much confused by the garbled fonts as the next person, but I doff my hat to any pilot who can maintain a passable Helvetica/Arial sans serif at 10,000 ft.