Tuesday, October 6, 2009

unwelcome stowaway

thanks to a well placed note and a misplaced cat this oversized rodent narrowly missed a triple monkish death after not managing to avoid three cats and the naked footprint of one davey cheng this morning.

this enterprising shall we say, rat's brief sojourn from my infested mountain hideaway for the giddy neon city lights via a well packed car trunk was brief indeed once it crept from its well hidden baggage cache. it never knew what hit/stood on it. or certainly not by the time i found it via the excellent diagram warning system.

this little guy and his friends have singlehandedly eaten an almost entire cabin and contents including S bends... he must have been hoping a city move would supplement his growing penchant for plastic or even offer a greener pasture or two. sadly he died on the astro turf rug on the corner shop floor. close enough perhaps.

1 comment:

  1. Fortunately I had my shoes on. Would've been unaware were it not for the 'muffled, fluffy crushing sound' underfoot.