Tuesday, October 13, 2009

postering the town red

a big bird freshly escaped from sesame street and onto king told me to hit newtown after some punk monks launched a postering campaign this week.

with my completely whack NOKIA N95 in hand due to the absence of my beloved canon 40D [whilst it faces repairs in north ryde: groan], i decided to follow yet another trail for the week when i was almost birds versus humans'd out already... still our psycho eco peacock is much less malevolent than its other dinosauroid-like friends.

like the yellow brick road this taped trail does lead to oz but ours is "born in the doorway" at marrickville's the factory theatre where punk monk propaganda experiential installation artists headline with hailer in a trippy kinda gig spawned from our ALGAE RHYTHM intermedia series designed to blow your mind while you're probing one cerebral cortex, namely yours, with a gun barrel. we're going to change the way you experience live music. live art. live, live, LIVE. that's this saturday the 17th. mark your diary. now.

say hi if you see us poster running on a street near you. mostly we don't bite [unless you want us too], but we may take you home & make you play with us.


  1. are those women twins in that last pic? street mirrors!

  2. I remember putting up three of those, but where's the one with the creepy graf?

  3. didn't see it. my shades were pulled down real low...

  4. if you mean the little kid with the cat, that's an electrical box near Australia St.

  5. oh. that was the creepy graf...? i find it strangely comforting. *cough*