Wednesday, October 14, 2009

think i'm turning japanese

disclaimer: it's me not you. the primary reason there isn't the usual amount of succulent imagery of my free lunch record is not because the food at kobe jones is anything short of a visual kaleidescope in colour & texture.

currently i'm in default mode wielding my N95 phone in camera position number one & although i stubbornly love it dearly in the face of an iPhone pandemic it has certain DOF inadequacies. depth of field for the uninitiated. yep. read: the photos mainly look like shit. NOKIA are yet to build a macro function let alone a manual focus.

enough of technical difficulties which plague the very core of my being & back to the food...

in another of those east meets west traditions maybe where mr kobe married miss jones, IDK, the restaurant combines californian & japanese influences into a palatable mecca of mayonnaise meets wasabi. we're all too familiar in the one stop shop version at the local sushi train but when grazing at king st wharf one is guaranteed of a cut or two above the generic coloured plate vendor.

everything ticked the boxes without smashing them to oblivion although the crowd pleaser had to be the "get off on our rocks" [and oh how i did] where in a variation of the teppen yaki tradition seafood was ordered & brought out to the table then cooked on a piping hot block of stone. just add a cube of butter and stir...

as she skilfully manipulated the fish atop the granite, charlotte advised us that the stones are oven bound for the entire day in preparation stacked in piles at 300 degrees centograde waiting for their moment to be unleashed on to the hungry mob. and there was... the restaurant was full. our scallops, salmon & cubes of tuna ultimately seared to supreme excellence.

if i'd been wearing pants at this stage i would've undone my belt & continued but sadly my karen millen dress zip was most unforgiving so um, there was literally no room left for dessert, only a very straight back & tiny breaths. if only i'd brought a corset. i blame the mushroom medley tobanyaki which threw a selection of exotic mushrooms into an oven baked dish with cream... dear god, yes. HT to ron mann.

still the scattered oyster shooters in sake, perfectly salted edamame & sushi platter were also excellent. in an ideal world i'd want more spice with that but perfection is all evasive & subjective isn't it? sitting out looking through the mysterious opaque view of the wharf filtered through blowing transparent blinds, it's hard to imagine that it's that far out of reach.

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