Sunday, May 10, 2009

ishtar's devotees dance

last night was another punk monk propaganda inspired event: "suck my pagan" this time hosted by stevie & myself in honor of his birthday at the warehouse.

amongst the debris of streamers and broken fawn hearts a few photos survived. the usual suspects may be assured as per standard procedure the rest will surface in my updated FB photo album in due course.

this is a mere morsel of the party which went till the full moon was no longer visible in the morning sky & the mead from the earth ran dry... and yes, we did build a full-sized carnival maypole for the day: stevie's pièce de résistance! ornate cloaks and capes were de rigueur, as were flower garlands, ivy and daisy chains. a sight to behold even with the temporary but beautifully averted pole collapse.

heads up to matthieu for volunteering for the role of undercover helper during the unglamorous sunlight hours when a strict self-flagellating monastic life was beckoning hard. french art directors make excellent chivalrous slaves.

plus a big thank you to all our friends who helped especially raen, davey, kate, barry and the rest of you who made the pilgrimage to suck my pagan, our last big party at the warehouse, well worthy of remembrance.

once again i'm humbled by your beauty & love. it's ok to sound like a born-again hippie after such a feel-good earthly event...

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