Wednesday, May 6, 2009

bowls inspector

sometimes i find myself in weird places...

this particular day it was an artificial wonderland where one is supposed to have a custom designed good time. the whole environment at strike bowling bar in the city is built for fun with a capital F [PS. tone is purposefully ambiguous]. justin hemmes' the ivy meets sega world. interesting fusion...

a submit & love big brother or fight/flight conundrum occurred. kylie minogue in the height of her singing budgie incarnation was playing at the time "i should be so lucky", so run run away was my first response [after taking these pics]. i'm listening to it now again at full throttle to get back into the zone. method writing really has a lot to answer for [hope my neighbour enjoys it as much as i don't]. more wine is clearly required.

this is the kind of place i can't decide whether i should be wearing a raver version of princess leia's "jabba the hut" outfit on a self-contained leash fueled by crack or a shape-shifting philip K dick scamble suit to blend with the prevalent clashing patterns whilst surreptitiously stroking myself in the corners whilst sucking up the glow babies. it's a toughie.

what i am excited about is that no matter what outfit i do choose that there is a new fluro trash activity to add to the punk monk group activities list. we may all have to be naked, snort roach powder & cover our bodies in glow-in-the-dark paint but it's potentially part of the private function fun. besides we actually do still have a truckload of that stuff... & a camera or two.

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