Tuesday, May 5, 2009

alchemists at play

ALGAE RHYTHM 0:02 -- psychochemical. during.

gently guided by kate and alex, with clare & myself lurking protectively in the shadows flanked by the rest of the tribe [stevie, raen, derm, andy, barry, davey]: mad science was begotten by sangria, culminated through projections of light, liquid & sound, accented by a magic eye exhibition & a hands-on interactive artistic corner for those whose chosen medium was paint [and other bits].

throw into the mix punk monk propaganda's created ALGAE RHYTHM 0:01 zaireeka film, issue two of our customized handmade zine [now in colour] & an adjunct screening of cyber punk film, a scanner darkly and an entire warehouse stripped & redesigned for the event then restocked with food to share...

no-frills punk alchemy results in mega production value. thanks to the fifty people who came & ran with the active participatory challenge of contributing to a very special event.

ALGAE RHYTHM 0:03 will be appearing in the same backstreet block in june 09. please check our FB page for updates.

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