Friday, May 22, 2009

inviting shadows

the shadows of a thousand stories...

the theory of luminous energy fields hold that traumatic events or painful moments of significant emotional energy directly imprint onto a location, building, or entity through space & time. these memories are allegedly stored in full colour & intensity.

tonight as i gaze around me celebrating this now stark space, cross legged in the dark alone on the wooden floor where i have lived/worked/evolved for the last three years -- the walls are not so empty at all.

our collective stories bounce & reflect back so vividly i photograph & still can claim them now... are you able to see us too?

it's been a lovely symbiosis. goodbye & thank you warehouse.


  1. nice shot my dear... at the warehouse ?


  2. yes. late last night.

    i meditated on the floor for the very last time [with my camera].

  3. they will paint over us
    but still we are there