Thursday, May 7, 2009

unboxing the corner shop

today clare & i faced the pyramid of boxes in our new production office. punk monk propaganda has officially moved from the warehouse to the corner shop + what we lost in magical event space and square meterage i guess we make up for in lack of TB infused air with facilities which actually work.

my nostalgia for the hidden squalid squatlike conditions partially inhibited future perspective but with only a slightly heavy heart we faced the parcels & with superlative tetris-like skill kept going until the crazy music stopped and we were both due in our other manifestations in far off magic lands elsewhere.

anyway, end result is we're getting there. it's a little stark & overloaded but somehow we will fit into this space + infuse it with some suitable punk monk branded wonderlab feel good flavour without emmulating a sardine-filled nachau-bound train carriage.

it won't result in the instant lust-filled awe that the warehouse commanded but there's a little irreverent je nais se quoi which we can build on. the prologue & chapter one are done, the set-up laid out, it's now time for the plotline to unfold.

1 comment:

  1. we made a pig-guts strewn butcher's look beautiful.

    this is gonna be a peice of cake.