Friday, May 8, 2009

scattered with the golden leaves

somehow, somewhere today in between these various destinations whilst soaking up the colours & ambience of autumn and ineptly juggling time [my arch-nemesis], a phone, camera, laptop & diary i managed to leave my mobile for the second time in three days in a city cab.

if only there was a prize for being scattered to the four winds...

this time there was no happy ending & i had to cum on my own tits [in red, orange, yellow & brown]. all of this unfairly dwarfed what was a beautiful golden day which hovered around the 15 degrees celcius mark with crisp blue skies and gargantuan cottonwool cumulus clouds. perfect fare for scarves & mittens [which are still on my person].

now i pay the price for an unbacked-up phone when i should know better & a directory of 500 odd missing phone numbers. if you are one of them, please ET phone home.

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