Friday, May 1, 2009

may day

not a distress signal as such, more the best excuse for procrastination. instead of packing an avalanche of boxes to shift an ad hoc chaos-filled film studio between buildings, it's much more fun to go walking & soak up the autumn air...

today is may day. although it loses some of its impact in the southern hemisphere, this age old customary rites of passage from spring equinox to summer solstice still fills the air with magic as the sun sits low & heavy in the brightly lit sky.

this is my favorite month of the year. it reeks of infinite possibilities, the winter spring. as a gemini, perhaps i lose objectivity but that's just how it is. cool skin-kissing air, golden light, hats, boots, scarves, puddles to splash in, evening fires, red wine & crunchy earthen kaleidescope leaves underfoot -- what's not to love?

no may poles in sight [yet] but in a few days time there will be one in my warehouse for the full moon so the wild nymphs & beasts can come out to play & celebrate belatedly this seasonal shift & a myriad of special days which lie betwixt as the final twilight of occupation draws near.

in some countries may day is celebrated as a labour day being synonymous with the development of the workers movement internationally. it is traditionally a day for the people. not boxes [or ducks in new zealand].

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