Friday, April 29, 2011

gen Z heliocentrism

pierre et gilles meets david la chappelle kitsch this could be sans bush & with somewhat altered production design. this pose makes me want to add glitter, halos, saturation & more but i uncharacteristically restrain myself. this is my idea of a perfect family setting. 

the child iconised before the parents who sit back & bask in adulation at her entirely self-aware mischievous glow. she doesn't know about heliocentric cosomology yet. diametrically opposed to copernicus: she is the centre of the universe.

meet my latest muse: this is ruby. she was born to be in front of the camera in a scary way that gen Z can manipulate a camera indiscernible to the naked eye like a sniffer dog from twenty paces away. strike a pose, there's nothing to it - vogue. 

naturalism, the rare reward of a studious sniper in a constant tug of war meets hide n seek. not for the impatient.

ruby & i recently shot a film together in the australian museum which took a brief post production hiatus while i melted down & reinvented my personal wheel. with renewed vigor & clarity i'll go back to it in the next couple of weeks & redress the water monsters children mash-up. 

she kind of stole the show so in the edit my task is to redress story balance yet to paint a picture which i want to share with deference to the energy contained within the frame. ruby practically burst through it. she's an imitable force.

we're in the mountains for long weekend with a handful of our favourite people in a delightfully mellow meander, untempered by tech issues which could conceivably shut down any other enterprise. just add more mulled wine, easter bunnies & stir. who needs piped-in water & chainsawed wood anyway? chillax is key.

our happy tribe kick back on top of the mountain taking in the last amber rays from the sky & our beer bottles, a little late for the oft stalked magic hour but in time to watch the grand spectacle of the end of the day in a place where no other sign of human habitation can be seen. we have our own civilisation here.

as the sun sets low in the sky, ruby's energy also wanes & we steadfastly make our way down the hill orbiting around her toward the evening bonfire, the celestial sphere's hold still true until the moon frees itself from the horizon. eventually even stars have to sleep.