Sunday, April 17, 2011

children of the colour wheel

inner children could not be contained within the confines of the youth festival closing party, & well into the shrinking night we continued to play with toys & motivation generated from the psychedelic inspired event & quietly let our collectively exhausted hair down at the conclusion of a successful fest.

we're all kids at heart. some more wild than others.

kaleidoscopes, spinning tops, UV torches & bubbles mandatory mainstays for any lively party mix. the macro-cosmos of an urban living room slowly revealed. we muted with the changing light as like clockwork it slowly spun, spanning the entire colour wheel. rinse, repeat, recycle.

the bubbles flew. and the bunnies started to eat the cardboard walls as the roller rink adjacent slowly relinquished in a slow collapsed murder under the incessant drill of jack hammers. sun ra had serenaded the advent of a new day. magic.

and the last bubbles floated out into the morning sky as the revolving matmos light steadfastly rotated inside, deep violet hues slowly fading to bright.

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