Tuesday, April 12, 2011

shadow puppetmasters

the shiny new punk monk experimental interact projection breakaway faction[ky, nick and yours truly] play shadow puppets on the pine street wall as kate, alex, clare and mel bathe us in liquid light. meanwhile we project back down onto the expansive floor beneath at their feet. it's a projection off!

this quiet little article in city news who covered the opening event on the night pays a little homage atop a well curved and pink covered before and after bum. dirtyland. that's us.

meanwhile i manage to twist not so very hard, salubrious graffiti artist & festival co-director craig bunker AKA bunkwaa to come join us to demonstrate the mechanisations of flipbook & ad hoc paint programs with a well placed projected crab. the kids go wild. especially us.

this lively punk monk collaboration lives on into the smart arts closing night party this friday april 15 at red rattler where punk monk propaganda play with alice spacedoll & the divine knights with freestylin MC UN-1 playing evening MC. look for more light, live animations, a nano fanzine and things to skew/enhance your vision during and after. ALL FREE.

then you'll find us at the closing party on tuesday april 19 for hugely successful jurassic lounge at the australian museum bleeding interactive love onto gemstones by night. dance on & with us. while around the bend, our liquid light alchemists will bathe the museum in trippy coated goodness.

and if you're not sick of us then punk monks can also be found at the regrowth festival for alice spacedoll's album launch combining work, play and plant growing over easter weekend.

that's april pretty well bombed.


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