Thursday, April 7, 2011

i'm free

i admit it. this was my era. 

i actually went to a garden wedding fueled on excessive licked, sipped & sucked tequila and this song was the wedding march. it was an idyllic time filled with manchester music, LSD and dance parties. 

the groomsmen wore sunflowers in their lapels. we dined at a local chinese afterwards and got even more smashed. we told the bride as she ate a straw mushroom that it was a mountain oyster [sheep testicle]. she threw up. at the table. she was always rather delicate/gullible. we laughed.

aah, the 90s. sadly the marriage didn't last.

to understand the future one must embrace/forgive the past. RIP fluoros. please don't come back again. again.

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  1. Soup dragon at about 5 minutes in!