Tuesday, April 5, 2011

smART arts opens

friday april 01: smart arts opened. running a little ragged & behind schedule [i brought my technical problems curse with me] come 18:30 almost on the dot we were ready to rock in the subdued light as we waited for the sun to disappear.

...and the crowds from the art exhibition mocktail queue inside to venture out. we breathed a collective sigh of relief as the show got underway. noone had died from our hair raising stunt set-ups in between. WHEEE!

us punk monks have a fair share of involvement in the fest and are really excited to be involved in such a progressive enterprise promoted & run by the council for the youth of sydney [16 - 25s].

organisers christie torrington & craig bunker have put together an inspiring and action packed programme for the two week duration. we're  a very happy & key part of the visual action & vibe.

we projection bombed the space within almost the last inch of itself [although as ky & nick point out we could have fitted at least one more projector].

not only did we flood the floors & walls with light and imagery we combined liquid light alchemy courtesy of kate [taylor], alex [papasavvas], clare [devlin-mahoney] and mel [papasavvas] with a visual mash of film [me, stephen dunstan, steven kastrissios, kate taylor, dan simmonds, angela bishop, tony lawrence], 2 and 3D animations [craig bunkwaa & alison locke] with some onsite live pencil meets flipbook programme [yours truly with ky [-lee menzies] & nick [radford] and guest animator bunkwaa] creating patchworks of interactive imagery using ground zero AKA the basketball court as our canvas. 

...and we made dreamcatchers too which hung ghostily from trees and eaves. the amazing silhouette lamps were created in a props workshop by talented artists & volunteers leading up to the fest. small 3D bunkwaa effigies danced in faerie circles in the grass carefully keeping watch. it's all about psychedelic dreamtime texture.

all these photographs were taken by guest punk monk & underground KINO film friend, emerging photographer vaughan allan. aren't they stunning? we love being made to look good.

we're just getting warmed up... want to come to the red rattler on april 15 for closing party to see what happens next?

and then, and then, and then - there's the whole journey in between. check out the programme. and while you're there sign up for my mobile film workshops!

smART arts festival
a pine street creative centre initiative
[with sydney city council]
april 01 - april 15.

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