Saturday, April 30, 2011

three bound mice

running the gauntlet in newtown: luke, kelly & i. will this relationship work? we're out to explore it & play. there are several jokes made through the evening about our polyamorous relationship on this experimental intiation rite. 

we're pretty chilled, leave freaky tiki, arrive at our second designated spot, make introductions & start tying up the waitresses...

a delightful handful of like-minded fetishized souls. we like to create our own entertainment. it's a perfectly good arrangement.

besides it's my friend steven's birthday & what better way to celebrate his burgeoning shibari skills than bind beautiful women to him over a bottle or two of red wine?

this seems to make sense to everyone. resistance is futile. steven's rather a dab hand with that specially hand-hewn softened rope. we like to watch. or be tied up. and vice versa.

steven & i have been in secret shibari talks for awhile. i've moved from model to filmmaker. although there's no reason not to do both. but i've already been naked in my own film, it's someone else's turn. self-voyeurism isn't really my thing. masturbation is better with friends.

cue photo of friends. 

the gauntlet successfully negotiated with flagellation through the laying of rope survived, we cut loose hitting successive locations thereafter under a cloud of more red wine with friendships more taut than the day before. and one happy birthday boy.

i wake up in the morning fully dressed, make-up smeared, blonde hair everywhere from the night before after the other two late night amorous mice have quietly tip-toed tailless out the door. see how they run. back.


  1. A luscious lyrical lament...Well done Shibari partner in crime. Sj

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