Friday, June 18, 2010

zen toilet flux

zen toilet flux: the install at "decorating loos" group art exhibition. 

we graffiti'd the toilet doors in custom-made cubicles built into the gallery infrastructure as well as creating our own transmedia experiment beyond the walls in the gallery atrium. we integrated crowd-sourced haiku into an evolving zine on a "toilet roll" sculpted into a living waterfall.
photos by alexander papasavvas

zen toilet flux -- artist statement:
inner reflections 
at haiku waterfall, space
time continuum

public toilet is a misnomer for a meditative space which offers respite from the incessant hub of the outside. often associated with graffiti which is unfairly represented as transgressive or low-brow, it seems natural when given quiet time that we seek to make our mark: a tangible extension of our thoughts, on a wall, commencing way back when with antediluvian art.

whether this communication serves a purpose other than advertisement or is merely a human compulsion to disrupt order & white space is not definitive.

in the frenetic paced urban world can art be typographically packaged into the convenience of haiku for the person on the street & ultimately fuse gallery & gutter?

this stylized urban zen garden welcomes you. the crowd-sourced haiku waterfall’s negative ions offer regenerative tranquility and the invitation to all for reflection at the water’s edge.

exhibition ends this wknd. come soak up the art. find a happy place.

featuring art by punk monk propaganda & talented others
565 king street

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