Wednesday, June 2, 2010

haiku: crowd sourced toilet art

this saturday june 05, 2010 fellow punk monks; clare, alex and i are creating a crowd sourced art experiment at ATVP [at the vanishing point] gallery. 

it is the first of multiple parts of our protest installation about transgressive toilet decoration in response to adolf loos, the puritanical aesthetist's theory that "one can measure the culture of a country by the degree its lavatory walls are daubed".  

this is a transmedia project with varied entry points arguing that high art need not conflict with form nor function but readily adapts to space and time. 

the work in progress will be revealed on opening night june 10. our success largely relies on participation. this experiment requires neither rocket scientists nor fine artists. please spread the word.

we'll be there at 2pm. come join the quiet fray!

email me @ propaganda[at] with any questions.

decorating loos @ ATVP
at the vanishing point - contemporary art inc.
565 king street
newtown, australia

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