Friday, June 4, 2010

slicing through the time line

movement across time when time is a malleable medium. an operatic vision.

static no.12 - much anticipated newcomer to his static series, melbourne based new zelaander, daniel crooks won the inaugural $100 000 basil sellers sport and art prize with his video 'static no .11 [man running], inspired by studies in human physiology.

crooks' static series stem from an early fascination with the ability of photography and cinematography to break through the time continuum. digital slices break the time barrier to present fluidity in space in this case through the practice of tai chi.

you've come a long way from eadweard mubridge baybee. without moving an inch.

daniel crooks
sydney biennale
cockatoo island
may 12 - august 01, 2010
[free ferry every hour from the MCA]

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