Friday, June 18, 2010

love hate relationship. with windows 7.

64 bit: it was like the holy grail. the must install operating system version. where windows actually comes good. windows 7 the mirage on the horizon of historical throwback pre-emptive beta releases. PC redeems itself.

sadly i've never seen more blue screens. a few black screens of death but resuscitation is enabled to travel predictably & inevitably back to blue. i don't want this to be my new BF but thanks very much for the consistency. can't i have a real microsoft original start-up fundie instead? 

bill gates, i'm coming to the redmond campus after your secret building 23 [the other pentagon] always a curious number. yes? and transplanting it to DIA [or is it already there buried deep underground?]. what back door NSA? and i'll fill it with broken binary in classic revenge story fashion. i'm with douglas coupland on bad acid on this one. 

signed frustrated windows user.

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