Friday, June 18, 2010

first brews

evidence of my recent blog transgressions: in the corner shop studio right now two fermenters boil, toil and trouble like the cauldron offspring of macbeth's witches. 

protectively i ensure they maintain their optimal early to mid 20 degree celcius reading. my daughter leers on, jealous. i turn up the heater & close the door behind her. to keep the heat in. for the beer.

i blame dan simmonds AKA civilised pig for starting this craze. under his guidance, together, we pursued the perfect handmade alcohol for our art night: algae rhythm [soon to be reborn] over the last year. this saw the creation of ginger rhythm  [kickin ginger beer] as we researched elements to create its partner "algae beer" looking for organic & legal ingredients to give us the desired green. it's a work in progress.

a monster has been created whilst we independently explore the plant & animal kingdom to hone to-die-for variants of our creations whilst developing our craft [to be fair dan is the master & we at punk monk propaganda HQ are not jedis yet].

my cat is mesmerised by the water bubbling happily in the air locks. this is a good sign right?

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