Thursday, June 17, 2010

houdini got his bike back

it's been a week for embracing slackery despite the length of the "to do" list. it's weird even though singularly they're all cool things & i'm working on numerous exciting projects, as soon as anything goes onto the list it reeks of chore. the human psyche is evil! time is a luxury most can't afford & usually i cherish it. then sometimes flagrantly disrespect it. this feels so western. 

it's been a week where the chore meets energy equilibrium was strangely off. while i have been humming in secret worlds of plants waiting to be born & lying in the sun with cats on a sun-soaked balcony dreaming of algae blooms & compost toilets with killer kangaroos that jump out like jack-in-a-boxes, then waking up to create wicked home brews at slothlike pace; my dear blog has laid barren desperately neglected. 

hello blog. i'm just over here. i'm sorry i allowed my windows 64 bit incompatibility issue with constant blue screen crashes scare me off from writing film reviews & posting up cool stuff from our art exhibition opening. i was/am weak. this will still happen i swear. 

still it was nice to sleep. and look, houdini got his bike back.

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