Tuesday, June 1, 2010

two old spirits collide: meeting christina conrad

the artist in her early 30s 
photo kindly provided by christina conrad

young maori woman wearing a feather cloak
photo by arthur iles [courtesy of creative commons]

i have not seen you since
great mountain
deceived by her reflection
spat into the eye of
        sleeping lake
where were you when
the lost tribe hid in the great kauri forest?

where were you
you did not answer
old eagle call

ah ah
you come
i hear your gumboots
on my broken floor

you sit in old turquoise chair
you say my stacks of plates
remind you of new zealand

i do not take my eyes off your face
you eat my hot bread
drink my peppermint tea

where were you
when great mountain
spat into the eye of
          sleeping lake
ah ah
you have torn away
from two bewitched islands

i do not take my eyes off
your face
i see land there
where the lost tribe shelters

- christina conrad

spey river running into lake manapouri, fiordland
photo by gina waghorn

superlatives shrunk
our meeting wake flavoured
seed bread & norm’s carrot juice

your iconic totem of stone
resounds with vigour anew
as unified cunts breathe life
silver milk top machine serves
the museum walls pulse
old story scars released
tectonic eras thrust and collide

a shining hollow ego rises
inflated by conjoined souls
and flies on the breeze
rainbow of true hues

i will make you a document

- victoria waghorn

rainbow paua: photo by gina waghorn

by s. percy smith [courtesy of creative commons]

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