Monday, April 6, 2009

mother/whore dichotomy grows leg [s]

as an ongoing part of my passion/research into femme fatales as iconic film characters, sunday saw me with fellow punk monks, ky & derm at sydney's justice & police museum where femme fatale: the female criminal exhibition draws to a close.

fab pulp covers & iconic poster art from the film noir era are juxtaposed with historic female criminal accounts through print & video installations. where mythology meets reality --> the vicious vixen & the fallen woman.

pictured above is eugenia falleni, no faye daunaway, she was known as the "man-woman" murderer. at the end of the 19th century she emigrated to australia from her native italy, disguised as a man: a ruse she continued all of her life [until incarceration].

in fact she was so good at it that with the aid of her enormous member [see pic] she went through two wives, one of whom she murdered along the way. it is unclear whether her true sexual identity was ever revealed to her former wives. it would seem they were left in the dark [and arguably rather well taken care of until their/her untimely departure].

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