Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i have to return some videotapes


with an appetite for fresh film fodder, a late night excursion is made to king st, newtown. like new york, this humble 4th cousin once removed, almost never sleeps. it's the 2nd runner-up to sydney's chinatown & king's cross for late night fixes, food or otherwise.

in a culture of state imposed alcohol lock-outs hitting profile bars from 02:00 - 05:00 in an effort to "control crime": it's a sorry state of affairs for sydney, a cosmopolitan city of international note, that bars shut down & restrict alcohol access [even once inside], as early as they do. curfews outside of war-time, not during prohibition, not on TV, but here, now.

there are no late night bodegas selling liquor downunder. for a nation of alleged free & easy alcoholics, our alcohol restrictions are actually rather immense.

boasting the latest legit opening bottle store in NSW [WOOT!]: the townie in newtown is open for off license to 23:45, 7 days a week [bar HC public holidays] which is well exploited by the locals who form a comfortably colorful & chill textured mix of goth, dyke, rockabilly, artist, muso & intellectual derelict. unforced street chic.

a perfect vibe without the dullness of overt shiny self-awareness: although almost everyone looks good enough to eat... patterns & rainbow hues mishmash into a wonderful kaleidescope. several peeps run amok with heads which would look good on a stick.

a redroom DVD store dispenses the movie of your choice with a quick convenient credit card swipe, no matter what the hour. the ATM-like dispensing pod stands opposite another iconic bar, the marlborough [the marly].

a local institution, i once was asked to remove my beret by the over-zealous bulldog bouncers & which i refused without intentional disrespect to the queen. they didn't appreciate "bad hair day" as an excuse. beefcake doormen are not hired for their charm, logic, fashion sense or conversational abilities. that seems to be a universal phenomena. luckily, in case of wardrobe malfunctions, there are loads of other bars...

better still there's an asian laundromat up the road + easily the best coffee in town [campos] where the aroma lures people off the street & they pack the tiny space patiently waiting for what must be pure burnt umber gold in a cup to go.

patrick bateman would love it here. he'd just have to modify his style... a bold-striped shirt does NOT call for a solid-colored or discreetly patterned suit and tie. in newtown absolutely anything goes with hush puppies.

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