Wednesday, April 29, 2009

generation next

i became an aunty by proxy recently. my second degree niece courtesy of serena & eugene is called nehlia whose etymology from tibetan lies in "strength".

she is the united colors of benetton baby complete with blue eyes i've been fantasising about [along with eddie] forever. if she had woolly enochian hair, i might have to steal her. luckily with her silky locks, we will all be spared the legal hassles.

in the absence of my other favoured small miss, code-named bella, who has recently skipped country borders, i'm planning on mothering vicariously through this amazing creature whilst my empty womb grows cobwebs & is filled with cinematic globe-trotting adventures instead. my films will be my children!

it's not a 100% pain-free decision but probably the right one none-the-less. the absence of a child-seeking missile man certainly uncomplicates matters... and the fact as a source of great pride, i've already successfully negotiated one round of parenthood flying solo. perfection is hard to achieve, twice.

in the meantime i'll try not to turn my lovely charge into a [very attractive] handbag. i'm just not that ab fab.

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