Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a moral prohibition

in some countries it's still a punishable crime for women to seek termination for unwanted pregnancies. abortion is many other places is still considered a cultural & ethical crime.

82 women died last year in nicaragua because the practice is outlawed even if the woman's life is in danger & the women who tried to do so anyway subsequently haemorraged out their last breaths in a bloody shameful secreted-away heap.

the third world: it's a minimal existence: not enough money, food, housing, healthcare or opportunities to feed the already existing mouths & minds on demand whilst you're being ass-raped by major corporates (thankfully you can't conceive from that).

with recent reiteration by the catholic church on the world papal african tour that the use of condoms are a crime against god "a clear moral prohibition", illegal clinics not nearly as quaint as these pictured above from the 1950s in sydney will result in many more souls making their way to heaven: women & embryos, expulsed or not.

[photos courtesy of sydney justice & police museum]

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