Wednesday, April 8, 2009

in pursuit of the perfect dumpling

wednesday night, downtown sydney with a hankering for dumplings. with the ubiquitous chinese obsession to throw pork into every possible dish in sight it's often a tough call to fight it out for the few vegetarian[ish] options on the menu which is what happened on our late night circuit.

all the passover fiends with a taste for chinese must've been out in force prior... even the alleged best dumpling house in the world had a choice of one. but it was delicious especially washed down with an ice cold asahi beer.

best dumplings in chinatown:

1. chinese handmade noodle [has fat fake grape vines hanging from ceiling]
thomas st, haymarket [next to dumpling king but not]

2. dumpling house [cheap & delicious but they run out fast of diff. varieties so get in early]
dixon st, haymarket

3. grand china room [yum cha menu heavenly fresh fresh fresh, no MSG]
top floor, market city complex, haymarket

4. din tai fung (hugely overrated but with cool seat coat covers -- try the cucumber salad & sesame icecream)
world square shopping centre, george st, haymarket

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