Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hey nietzsche! leave them kids alone!

a book launch with a difference...

it's only fitting that craig schuftan's follow up book from the culture club stays within the genre he has so aptly lodged himself within. like joan jett [and keats before her too] screamed to the heavens, "i love rock n roll". there's no doubt that schuftan shares their sentiment. he is a romantic in the true [or at least his recently abridged] sense of the word.

as the mythic deconstructor of artistic popular culture & rock and roll, schuftan bridges the 19th century romantic movement with the 20th/21st century of popular music ie. rock and roll. it's a credible connection which explores songs of melancholia [with just a little bit of "fuck you" thrown in for good measure] and their indescribable emo link with the breakout artists, thinkers and poets of the 1800s.

the romantics introduced to society great & noble expectations of love. our modern artists have continued to act as champions to the cause where global consciousness acknowledges & celebrates emotional misery. love, the human experiential rollercoaster which binds us all. misery loves company, none greater than one's own pen/guitar.

from byron to nietzsche to bowie to my chemical romance, the degrees of separation are not nearly as great as a layman's cursory glance might reveal.

a black historical sightseeing parade would have us wandering lost in tragic celebration for the death of calmar and orla whilst nietzsche conjures up music for byron's other rockstar manfred before
sarah blasko bleats out that sweet broken version of david bowie's heartfelt heroes [just for one day].

and we're only just getting started... with ben of the devoted few singing haunting renditions of the smiths & the cure at sydney's hopetoun hotel on easter monday in homage to schuftan's book, one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe christ really had risen.

to find out more join
the queue with me & read hey nietzsche! leave them kids alone!

i leave you with a my chemical romance, welcome to the black parade [the new bohemian rhapsody]excerpt:

a world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams
your misery and hate will kill us all
so paint it black and take it back
let's shout it loud and clear
defiant to the end we hear the call

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