Thursday, April 9, 2009

hyper-reality in check

there's a hyper-reality to the finger wharf, woolloomooloo in its picture perfect intensity dotted by the ladies & gentlemen who lunch.

not only is it the largest timber piled construction in the world, a reign which has remained constant for almost 100 years, but it has humble esteemed beginnings of not only welcoming imported wool into australia but also masses of migrants. the welcoming port of call for two and four legged beasts.

these days it's home to a number of pseudo celebrities with both actors nicole kidman, russell crowe & radio personality john laws keeping apartments in the long multi-gabled complex.

on a bright autumn day the blue skies reflect brilliantly true into the sea beneath the bay which still permeates an unmistakable shore stench which no political or pious correctness can thankfully overcome. we are on a wharf. hyper perhaps but still very real.

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