Sunday, April 19, 2009

blue moon

tonight is a blue moon, although technically that's not true.

actually a rare phenomenum & only occurring approx once every two years or so, in 2009 we are scheduled for a second full moon in the same calendar month, but it won't be until NYE. so happy blue moon for then.

in the shadow of the night, i found this tree in dark broody shades of blue projected onto a wall by a passing car's headlights. ella fitzgerald prematurely sang in my ears: the voices had returned, the pulse quickens in anticipation, equal parts excitement:fear. everything is new again.

sadly there was no moon of any hue to be seen in the sky this evening. but this is that black & blue eucalyptus tree shadow. if you look long enough you can see marlene dietrich hiding in the branches like a
cheshire angel harmonising with ella on their similarly themed signature songs. women in the moon who fell to earth.

if love must be our downfall, then professor rath chose no better or more heroic way than to lose his dignity with deitrich's showgirl. surely there is no nobler cause, even if it potentially makes us ridiculous. the emmanuels & lolas of this world, despite their impaired cliche, are rockstars.

fortune and love favor the brave. -- ovid.

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