Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ALGAE RHYTHM is the new matmos

this is one of the things i've been doing lately with the ever industrious talented PUNK MONK family. it's true, we gave birth: to a lovely bouncy green ALGAE RHYTHM and with it event 0.01 was launched on march 23, 2009 including flaming lips sound experiment "zaireeka", screening of their film "christmas on mars", the first print run of our collectible zine, the commencement of our inter-connected video installations & loads of bubbles and algae swamp punch with food to share.

this announcement is somewhat belated but then this blog was born less than a week ago... kate has another rendition because she is the blogger extraordinaire. if you want to see our full manifesto please check her site:

the txt below taken from the original vision document which clare and i cooked up together in the lab AKA warehouse after invaluable input from the tribe: stevie dunstan, kate taylor, raen waghorn-hughes, dermot mcguire, ky-lee menzies, barry saunders, andy finn, mathieu ravier, alex pappasavvas & alex parker.


an organic evolution partially influenced by progressive experimental thinkers including alan turing, ada lovelace and andy warhol. ALGAE RHYTHM is a juxtaposition of the ever-changing & dynamic world of colliding interfaces and the pulsing fabric of visually undefinable zeros and ones which mesh it all together.

ALGAE RHYTHM is a mutating evolving organism, an event, an exhibition, a happening which will occur once a month. track us down on facebook if you want to know more.

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