Tuesday, February 8, 2011

something's in the air

whilst wrangling servers & fighting virtual hosts to welcome being back in the studio nestled amongst the breadth of exciting projects for the new year, i've been working on the long overdue punk monk web site facelift. the dire juggle is no more & it's finally balancing precariously on the top of the list as the year rapidly gains momentum. the countdown officially on, and that minature counting customized clock is ticking. 

hello there dreamweaver my old nemesis. goodbye lunches.

today also involved throwing a quickie EPK together [for the 3rd annual painted lips & lolly licks sexy film festival in ottowa where an amusing ditty i made back in 2009 with a clutch of sassy lasses on the fly for a 48 hour film challenge for KINO KABARET at adelaide film festival is playing... and sasha grey is judging!

this was the 2nd project made in the 48 hour window on the back of mobile film "jet plane" as part of my inverted mental health narrative. seen at jurassic lounge opening night last week amongst very fine KINO company. before then a hoarde of international film fests. the punk monk orgasmic cine chicks sure do get around. and yes, there's many more to come, right after i finish this website...

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