Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another earthquake shatters christchurch

photo: copyright martin hunter/getty images

today has been hijacked by the earthquake [6.3] which has devastated my home town of christchurch, new zealand. epicentre estimated 10kms south east of the CBD [under lyttleton] & less than 5kms deep. the damage has been significantly greater than that of the earthquake of september 04, 2010.

deepest thoughts and love for all my friends, family, and fellow cantabrians. it has been so intensely traumatic here i can only imagine the degree of horror for those at ground zero. my thought are with my still missing friends.

 photo: copyright richard cosgrove/the press

65 confirmed dead already & expected to rise much more. christchurch's mayor, bob parker at this stage cautiously estimates that it could double. possibly hundreds of others still trapped in buildings with many people who are still alive & trapped expected to stay where they are overnight, fighting for their lives as darkness looms & resources are stretched.

photo: copyright @charlottebellis/twitter

temporary triage centres are scattered in parks throughout the city centre as NZ hospitals are cleared to make room for incoming victims. emergency accommodation & food centres have been created in local schools and around the city area.

the CBD has been evacuated with fears of more buildings due to crumble as further aftershocks continue. the airport has been closed. the city has completely crumbled in major pockets, the cathedral spire gone with the people who were in it at the time...

 photo: copyright www.adelaidenow.com.au 

i've been hooked on the livefeed courtesy of nine MSN via TV3 in NZ for most of the day, other deadlines forgotten.

news is scarce of beautiful lyttleton, port, birthplace of my mother and site of the epicentre but rumours abound that both it & beach suburb new brighton to the north [home of my grandmother] are now unliveable.

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